SEO trends in 2020: 3 keys for success

Anyone with an online presence needs to keep up with SEO trends in 2020.

Search Engine Optimization is the main factor to determine whether your Project is going to succeed or not. By to taking care of your SEO, you will show up first in search results, get more visits and convert those into clients.

However, knowing the yearly changes on those trends may be a challenging task. That is why we have compiled them here, with the aim of making it really easy for you. If that sounds interesting, let’s jump into it!

SEO trends in 2020: 3 major changes from 2019 guidelines

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have or what your goals are. Improving your SEO will always lead to sales and improvements on your results.

Therefore, you really want to take into account these SEO trends in 2020. They represent the fastest ways to move in the right direction with your website.

In 2019 the brand was not important: in 2020 it is key

One of the common mistakes when doing SEO is not taking care of your brand. In 2020 Google has given a lot of importance to this, so it is high time for us to work on it!

You must be very clear about what services you offer and to which client. With that in mind, you will be able to meet your visitors’ needs, and provide them with whatever they are looking for.

In this sense, we recommend that you consolidate the message of your brand and your ideal client. From there, you can develop a list of keywords that would boost your ranking the most.

However, avoid the most disputed keywords! In 2020 the key is to address specific topics.

In addition to that, always use local SEO keywords. By doing so you will be able to position your brand in your area of ​​influence. This is one of the most powerful formulas to achieve results in a short time in 2020.

Focus on voice searches

Talking to Siri or Google via voice commands seemed irrelevant in 2019. However, it is definitely one of the SEO trends in 2020: voice searches generate a lot of traffic. It’s just exploding!

Therefore, it is crucial that you develop your content taking that into account. Use the question-answer structure, so that search engines derive traffic to you.

Content is (still) king

When it comes to SEO, the most important thing has always been content quality.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to have a website with an incredible design if you do not back it up with awesome texts.

In this sense, in 2020 we must forget about short content. Search engines reward rich, high-quality and well-written content that actually adds value.

If you apply these simple tips you will see excellent results this year. 

The main thing is to take care of your brand, communicate with the correct keywords, focus on voice searches and, above all, create quality content. That will be, without a doubt, a winning formula considering the SEO trends in 2020.